On behalf of the International Scientific Committee and the Local Organizing Committee, we cordially invite you to participate in the

18th International Conference on the Strength of Materials (ICSMA 18)

July 15–19, 2018 • The Ohio State University • Columbus, Ohio, USA

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Abstract Deadline:
November 30, 2017

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May 15, 2018

On-Campus Housing Deadline:
July 6, 2018

Conference Dates:
June 15–19, 2018


ICSMA 18 builds on a 50-year tradition of providing an international venue for the latest advances in the strength of materials. Scientific topics provide comprehensive coverage of the field, from basic concepts of deformation to advanced engineering materials, and across composites, alloys, biomedical and bio-inspired materials, and emerging materials. The meeting will advance fundamental understanding of the processes that govern the strength of materials at different length and time scales, and it will forge links between basic studies and investigations of technologically important engineering materials. Thus, ICSMA 18 will offer a broad forum for the presentation and discussion of all aspects related to the strength and deformation of a wide range of materials. The conference will be held at The Ohio State University (USA), providing an open campus setting in which to meet.

Topic areas include:

  • Advanced (including in situ) characterization of deformation processes
  • Elementary deformation mechanisms in engineering materials
  • Fracture and fatigue
  • Friction and wear
  • Glasses and non-crystalline solids
  • High temperature deformation and creep
  • Materials under extreme conditions
  • Mechanical behavior associated with phase transformations
  • Mechanistic foundations for multiscale modeling and ICME
  • Micro-and nano-scale mechanical testing
  • Effects of grain boundaries and interfaces
  • Reinforcements at the sub-nanometer scale
  • Strength of biomedical and bio-inspired materials
  • John P. Hirth Honorary Symposia
  • Hael Mughrabi Honorary Symposia
  • Emerging topics

Confirmed Plenary Speakers Include:

Laurence Brassart, Australia
Title to be determined
Easo George, USA
Title to be determined
Dorte Juul-Jensen, EU
Title to be determined
Carolin Koerner, EU
Title to be determined
Erica Lilleodden, EU
Title to be determined
Ke Lu, China
Hardening and Softening in Nano-grained Metals
Dierk Raabe, EU
Advancing Steels by Segregation Engineering
Kaneaki Tsuzaki, EU
Designing Microstructures to Improve Fatigue Property in Steels

Local Organizing Committee:

  • Peter Anderson, The Ohio State University
  • Irene Beyerlein, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • James Earthman, University of California, Irvine
  • Michael Mills, The Ohio State University
  • Timothy Rupert, University of California, Irvine
  • Izabela Szlufarska, University of Wisconsin

International Scientific Committee:

  • Helena Van Swygenhoven, Switzerland - CHAIR
  • Angus Wilkinson, UK - VICE CHAIR
  • Irene Beyerlein, USA
  • Cate Brinson, USA
  • Atul Chokshi, India
  • Antonin Dlouhy, Czech Republic
  • Chris Hutchinson, Australia
  • Yuichi Ikuhara, Japan
  • Martin Heilmeier, Germany
  • Marc Legros, France
  • Michael Mills, USA
  • Wolfgang Pantleon, Denmark
  • Maria-Teresa Perez-Prado, Spain
  • Reinhard Pippan, Austria
  • Tresa Pollock, USA
  • Alexei Romanov, Russia
  • Chad Sinclair, Canada
  • Werner Skrotzki, Germany
  • Zhefang Zhang, China

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